ZJJ& Barbecue Grill Portable Outdoor BBQ Grill Thick Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Home Picnic Barbecue Tool

  • The best grill for you: If you are craving a smoky, roasted or smoking meat, the only way to achieve both is to use this simple light-weight barbecue charcoal grill. Get together with all your friends or family, enjoy the unique romance of outdoor smoking and enjoy the delicious cooking with charcoal. [Super perfect 3-5 people barbecue party]
  • Compact and rational design: made of cold rolled iron and high quality chrome mesh. Heat resistant, scratch resistant, resistant to deformation and rust. Easy to clean because the baking net can be pulled out and kept safe and healthy.
  • Foldable and portable: fold up after use. The handle design makes it space-saving, and the movement of the grill can be taken anywhere to have fun.
  • Easy to use and fold and clean: The grill is easy to install and remove, and the operation is simple. The movable grill is resistant to high temperatures and rust, making it easier to clean. [Warning: Please use it on a flat, sturdy surface]
  • The best choice for BBQ party: just choose this best and perfect gift for barbecue, picnic, trailing, camping or on the terrace, indoor, outdoor party, travel, park, beach, wild night with your friends and family . Enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere! at any time! It will make your life safer, healthier, more convenient and faster.

Product Description

ZJJ& Barbecue Grill Portable Outdoor BBQ Grill Thick Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Home Picnic Barbecue Tool: Product Description

Material: Stainless steel Size: 380*275*256(cm) Weight: 4.11 (kg) Applicable number: 3-5 people Foldable design for easy carrying Non-slip feet, can be adjusted slightly to the right angle Stainless steel apron between the grills for added stability Light and durable, enjoy healthy barbecue

The secret of the electric grill.


Friends The secret to obtaining an optimal grill is choosing the right temperature, cooking time adapted to the type, size and thickness of the food. Now with the new grill pan everything is possible, in fact we can forget all these variables and relax and if we also want to have fun while cooking our tasty dishes.

So gentlemen, let’s relax and give free rein to our cravings and tastes, the electric grill allows a cooking to the blood, rosé or well cooked, satisfying all tastes for every palate.

So the pleasure is immediate, thanks to the electric grill , you can always count on a touch of improvisation. Without formalities, without excessive culinary preparation and without any effort. At home or outdoors.

Do you have a dinner with friends? Have you invited the new neighbor and are you afraid? No problem, with the new electric grill in a few simple gestures, cooking is ready with exceptional rapidity and the meal is ready, the table is set, immediate consumption.

Special instructions for cleaning electric grills

  1. Due to its strong heat, the heating spiral has a self-cleaning effect, because the fat or juice from the grill that drops on it evaporates immediately.
  2. For electric grills with lid apply: after the preparation on the grill burns the room of the grill. In this process, the lid must be closed; the ventilation drawer must be open. Then brush the grill with a brush.