Twin Eagles Grill On Cart with Double Doors with Infrared Sear Zone Kit (TEBQ36G-C-N-TEGB36-B-TESZ-KIT), Natural Gas, 36-Inch

  • Twin Eagles 36-inch natural gas grill with radiant and direct heat on a cabinet
  • Briquettes reach temp in fraction of the time while using less gas and evenly distributing the heat
  • (3) 14-gauge #304 stainless steel burners rated at 25,000 BTUs each; Burners feature lifetime warranties
  • Professional 3/8-inch hexagonal stainless steel grates, a heat controlled hood and a hood assist system
  • Cooking grid: 32 x 20 inches (W x D)

Product Description

Twin Eagles Grill On Cart with Double Doors with Infrared Sear Zone Kit (TEBQ36G-C-N-TEGB36-B-TESZ-KIT), Natural Gas, 36-Inch: Product Description

The TEBQ36G-C-N-TEGB36-B-TESZ-KIT Twin Eagles 36-inch Grill on Two Doors Cart offers unmatched luxury and design. This grill features #304 stainless steel construction and contains three stainless steel burners rated for 25,000 BTU each. High end ceramic briquettes allow for an effective mix of radiant and direct heat for thorough and flavorful cooking. The 3/8-inch hexagonal stainless steel grate offer 20 percent more mass than most grates to assist in the grilling process by absorbing, retaining and conducting heat into your food. The hot surface ignition system allows for simple, reliable ignition every time for a user friendly experience. An infrared sear zone kit allows for versatile cooking options. The grill base features two soft closing doors with flush handle design, heavy duty front brake wheels and side shelves with fold down grill tool holders. Other premium features on this grill include a smoker box, warming rack, temperature gauge, interior halogen lights and exterior ambient LED lights-giving you the tools you need to grill a masterpiece with every meal. Designed for use with natural gas.

Natural gas grill – how is the grill converted?

Again and again whether a gas grill for the outdoor kitchen can be converted to natural gas . In principle, we can only warn against converting a gas grill from propane to natural gas on our own and without the relevant specialist knowledge . This can lead to serious errors and the use of your natural gas grill is no longer safe.
If you have a natural gas pipeline at your house, we recommend special and certified natural gas grills . These are equipped with special natural gas nozzles, which are certified for operation with natural gas in Germany. So you can be sure that your natural gas grill for the outdoor kitchen-complies with all current safety standards and there are no dangers due to improper retrofitting. You cannot operate a conventional propane gas grill with natural gas because different nozzle sizes and pressures are used.

Cleaning the gas grill: With these means it works

Water and detergent always help
The simplest methods are often the best. This also applies to the cleaning of the gas grill, where water and detergent are usually the most effective. The grillage , drip tray and frame should first be scrubbed with clear water, then soaked with a mild detergent and then wiped off again with water.

Special grill cleaners are a useful addition to loosen stubborn dirt. This is especially necessary after a long barbecue break during which the gas grill has not been maintained.

It makes even more sense to let the grill run at the highest level before actually cleaning it. By burning it clean , the excess fat burns in, the residues fall off and can be brushed off with a steel brush.

How to choose the best gas grills?

Gas grills are the best choice for people looking for more space on their grill grates. The easy-to-use function makes these grills the best choice compared to other alternatives. The alternatives for gas-based grills include charcoal grills, electric grills, pellet grills, and kamado grills.

When it comes to barbecues, most people opt for gas barbecues. The reason for this is that this type can be started quickly and also heats up faster. Compared to other types of barbecues, the device needs to be cleaned much less before cooking. However, if you particularly like the smoky flavor in your meat, you can’t get it with this type. However, the smoky taste is possible in charcoal grills. However, you can still grill all kinds of tasty food, including lots of delicious BBQ side dishes.

Gas grills are also available in different sizes. Since they are more expensive than other types of grills, you should be prepared for long-term investments and attach great importance to quality. With the right care and maintenance, a gas grill can last for many years. Most models are designed for propane gas. Refilling and replacing tanks should be done as needed.