Solaire 27-Inch Deluxe Infrared Propane Built-In Grill with Rotisserie Kit, Stainless Steel

  • Two infrared burners, rear infrared rotisserie burner and electronic push-button ignition; fully assembled, propane tank not included
  • 542 square inches of grilling space fits eighteen 4-inches hamburgers; 46, 000 BTU/hour; 48.4 infrared intensity index
  • Stainless steel welded construction
  • V-shape stainless steel grilling grids increase flavor while reducing flare-ups; includes rotisserie motor, spit rod, pair of forks, counter balance
  • With lid down, grill measures 27-inches wide by 24-3/4-inches deep by 13-1/4-inches high above counter; shipping weight 133 pounds

Product Description

Solaire 27-Inch Deluxe Infrared Propane Built-In Grill with Rotisserie Kit, Stainless Steel: Product Description

Product Description Solaire is the Muscle Car of gas grills. Sleek. Powerful. Efficient. Each Solaire grill has a “rocket under the hood” – the Solaire Infrared Burner. This superior burner gives you the high heat to lock in the juices for more tasty, flavorful food than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill. Professional chefs demand high heat to create great taste – and now you can too with a Solaire Infrared. This grill is for use in non-combustible built-in grilling islands. For islands made of combustible material, use with Insulated Jacket item #SOL-IRIJ-27XL. Cut-out dimensions are 26 inches wide by 21 inches deep (plus 13/16-inch notch) by 8-7/8 inches high. It is factory assembled for use with propane and includes the regulator with 3-foot hose to connect to a propane tank. It also includes the proper orifices and convertible regulator needed to convert to natural gas. The grill includes two main infrared burners, each delivering 16,000 BTU/hr, black phenolic knobs, and battery powered (9-volt) push-button electronic ignition. It also includes a 14,000 BTU/hour rear infrared rotisserie burner, heavy duty motor, spit rod, pair of forks and counter-weight. Stainless steel wire warming rack is 24-1/2 wide x 6-1/2 inches deep. The weight-balanced double-skinned hood includes a mirror polish accent, and has a stay-cool rotating stainless steel handle with knurled grip. The firebox is fully welded at the seams which are then ground and polished by hand. No mechanical fasteners are used. Solaire is a grilling machine that gives you the great flavor of an intensely hot charcoal fire with the control, convenience and consistency of gas. Become the undisputed wizard of backyard grilling, the envy of your neighborhood, and the hero of your family when you serve them juicier, more flavorful food then they’ve ever tasted from an ordinary grill. Solaire Infrared Grills preheat in only 3 minutes, and cook about twice as fast conventional grills. You’ll be eating before your neighbor’s coals are ready. With the time saved, you can now make grilling an everyday occurrence rather than just a weekend event, perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. Since infrared heats the food directly, not the air around it, you will be grilling year-round, even in frigid weather, with the same grilling performance as in summertime.With excellent burner turn down, warming rack and a variety of accessories, a Solaire Grill is a very flexible heat management system that gives you the versatility to prepare virtually any type of food. Steaks, pork, fish, burgers, vegetables, chicken, fruit, shellfish – these and more benefit from the initial high heat sear delivered by the Solaire Infrared burner. Finishing the food after searing can be accomplished by turning down the burner to a lower setting, or moving it over a convection burner, if equipped.The V-shape grilling grids capture drippings and reduce flareups. The high heat of the infrared burner vaporizes drippings back into the food as smoke and flavor. Burner maintenance is easy. After you are done cooking, turn the burners on HIGH for five minutes to keep the 9,000 BTU burner ports in each burner clear of any food debris.Solaire burners can be removed without tools in seconds for thorough cleaning, service or to change from one type of burner to another (infrared to convection, and vice-versa). All Solaire grills are designed as built-in grills that can be placed onto carts. So, if you buy a cart model now, the same grill can be used in a built-in island later by merely removing a few bolts. Conversely, a built-in model can be turned into a cart model. This flexibility provides you with long-lasting value.This grill is relatively simple by design, without nonessential features that are prone to failure. The grill is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the stainless steel construction, main burners and grilling grids. The electronic ignition system has a two year parts warranty; all other components are covered for one year.All Solaire Grills are made in the USA by Rasmussen Gas Logs & Grills, a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family business.

Propane grill or coal

The debate about the ideal fuel for barbecue cooking is decades old. The users of the charcoal grill love the taste of the specific smoke, while a propane grill offers more flexibility and speed. Both types of grills provide good results, but gas grills win due to ease of use and maintenance.

For example, some gas grills offer additional burners that increase cooking capacity or rotating accessories. In addition, gas grills are much easier to clean because you do not have ashes for cleaning and throwing, and in addition, a gas bottle holds much more than a sack of charcoal.

Charcoal barbecue flame one of the main disadvantages of the charcoal grill is the waiting time. You have to make the fire, wait for it to burn, burn the coal, and only then can you cook. A propane grill is a quick solution for those who want to quickly cook their favorite meat, be it a burger, chicken, steak, or sausage.

Gas burners with additional burners are ideal because you can boil corn, roast potatoes, or keep the barbeque sauce warm while the meat is being cooked.

The gas grills also allow you to cook long cuts of meat that require this, such as ribs or pork chops because you can maintain a constant temperature without having to add more charcoal and always check it. A gas bottle may be heavy, but gas grills offer a lower operating cost. Instead of buying a sack of coal each time, a gas bottle can last up to several months for heavy use.

Maintenance of the propane grills

  • Before using the propane grills for the first time, allow the grill burners to burn for approx. Fifteen minutes maximum before actually putting the products on the grill. This is necessary to remove any residual residue from the manufacturing process.
  • Before switching on the gas grill, grease the grill with oil each time, to prevent the grill from sticking to the hot grill. By burning, the products will adhere to the barbecue and will then be difficult to remove (recommended with a fattier oil for frying).
  • Regularly clean the gas grill: the grill is removed from the gas grill when it is still warm and clean; rinse with water, sprinkle with a cleaning solution, allow some time to act, and rinse well with water.
  • Removing the leftovers on the grill and cleaning the flavor bars is very simple. Start the burning by cleaning (hold all burners of the gas grill burning simultaneously with the lid closed for 15 minutes) after the effective use of the propane grills. By burning, any debris will turn to ash, and the grill can be immediately cleaned with a brush for cleaning.

What should you know before buying propane grills?

  1. With a simple push of a button and the opening of a gas faucet, you have a quick and easily controllable heat source within reach;
  2. You can adjust the temperature and other baking parameters depending on the type of preparation to be baked, considering that each type of meat has its optimal cooking time (eg, the chicken will fry much faster than pork or beef), and vegetables faster even than chicken);
  3. The investment is slightly higher than for the charcoal grill because you need a special grill;
  4. You definitely need a gas bottle, which can be filled after exhaustion;
  5. The rapid ignition and the fact that you are exempt from lighters, boxes of matches, the gathering of peas and maps to start the fire to burn the coal (after which you will have to wait a while)
  6. For cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the surface of the propane grills with a metal brush.