Smokemiester BBQ Smokers Convert a Covered Grill into a hot or Cold Pellet/Wood BBQ Smoker, no Power Needed, Takes no Grill Space, Grill and/or Smoke, All-in-one Unit, 304 Stainless Steel

  • Provides up to 8 hours of pure dense smoke on one filling (4 cups of pellets) Self Cleans in Place
  • Connects in minutes to covered grills, smokehouses, wine barrels, etc. No Air Pump, or Power Required
  • Takes NO Grill Space, Ready to smoke in 5 minutes or less, precise smoke control, Laser Cut
  • Large 4-inch diameter, makes filling easy, Burns Food Grade Wood Pellets (2 cups included free with purchase) Chips or Chunks
  • To clean, just open both lids and put ¾ to 1 cup of pellets into smoker, light from the bottom until the pellets flame, let them burn out. When cool, brush out residue

Product Description

Smokemiester BBQ Smokers Convert a Covered Grill into a hot or Cold Pellet/Wood BBQ Smoker, no Power Needed, Takes no Grill Space, Grill and/or Smoke, All-in-one Unit, 304 Stainless Steel: Product Description

Smokemiester BBQ Smokers Convert a Covered Grill into a High Quality Hot or Cold Pellet BBQ Smoker/Grill. For pellet grills works for pre-smoking and cold smoking only. Smokemiester BBQ Smoker is unique, it requires NO AIR PUMP, it makes its own draft. NEEDS NO POWER. Smokemiester installs, burns, and delivers pure dense smoke from the outside of covered grills, smokehouses, wine barrels, etc. The heat that’s generated from the burning process is carried away in the air, leaving just smoke for COLD SMOKING. Installed on a covered grill, Smokemiester makes the perfect HOT BBQ SMOKER. It’s easy to install, simple to use and SELF CLEANS WITHOUT REMOVAL, saves time, no mess to clean up. It has a burn screen that allows free smoke circulation and prevents outlet tube clogging. Precision made with 304 Stainless Steel. Lower lid design gives precise smoke control. Wooden knobs, can be used without gloves when smoker is hot. Unique pullout burn screen, no special tools to install or remove. Lids and ash pan swing out of the way for lighting and cleaning. Installing Your Smoker: You need a 1 1/8″ hole saw to drill a hole in your BBQ below the burners, insert outlet tube and secure with nuts supplied. Before use with food a first-time start-up is required to burn off any residue. Smokemiester Start Up: Open both lids on Smokemiester BBQ Smoker and swing ash pan to the side. Make sure that the stainless-steel screen is in the correct position, covering the outlet tube. Place approximately 1 cup of food grade wood pellets, or wood chips, or a combination of both inside of Smokemiester BBQ Smoker. Light from the bottom with a torch until pellets/chips flame, and swing ash pan back into position. After 5 minutes add up to 1 more cup of fuel, close both lids on Smokemiester BBQ Smoker, then in 5 to 10 seconds reopen the lower lid (damper) half way, now you are smoking. After a few minutes you may begin adjusting the smoke output by opening or closing the lower lid. Made in USA.

The challenger: the smoker grills

With the smoker, the food is not cooked directly over the fire. Instead, it works with an air draft system: Here, hot smoke flows from the firebox into the cooking chamber, in which meat, fish, and vegetables are enveloped with their heat. He steps out through the fireplace. The temperature is a lot lower than with the charcoal grill. While peak values ​​around 250 ° C add to the meat, a maximum of 160 ° C is reached here. Most smokers are even operated at only 90 ° C. The firebox is responsible for the temperature, in which the necessary embers for the smoke are generated by logs, so-called chunks.

The indirect grill method is particularly suitable for large pieces of meat, especially spare ribs and pulled pork (pork from the neck or shoulder). Whole chickens or turkeys are also simply prepared. Hot smoke flows evenly around the food in the drum-shaped cooking chamber so that it is cooked gently. Meat, in particular, remains juicy and tender without having to drizzle it with liquid constantly. The type of smoke you give to the dishes depends on the type of wood. Meat becomes particularly aromatic when fruit woods such as wild cherries are used, and it becomes a little more substantial with walnut wood. Spruce and similar softwoods should be avoided due to the high resin content.

The smoker grills comes from the USA, the home country of barbecues. Due to its size and weight, it is a real heavyweight when barbecuing – made for real men, especially those who want to take time for their guests. Because indirect grilling allows you to concentrate entirely on your visit, you only need to keep an eye on the temperature in the cooking chamber when cooking. Incidentally, the smoke development can be regulated by the firebox and cooking chamber, and “normal” grilling is also possible. The smoker grills is available in different sizes. You can even move the entry-level version on your own, but the professional model must be pulled by a car.

What Can You Clean With The smoker grills Cleaner?

Barbecue smoker grills, cast iron or stainless steel plates

The barbecue grill is the only element that must be imperatively cleaned after each use, thus removing any trace of burnt fat, avoiding getting meat attached to the subsequent cooking.

To make this operation effective, the following tools are needed: a brush with brass bristles, a glove, mild soap with neutral pH, a sponge or cloth, and paper towels. It is good to brush the hot cooking grates and then pass them with household paper.

For more thorough cleaning, remove them from the barbecue and clean them with warm soapy water by rinsing well under the running tap.

Why smoker grill bestseller?

In my opinion, bestseller lists offer helpful clues for choosing a suitable smoker. The most popular smoker grills are generally of good quality and good value for money because it is not without reason that they are so popular with buyers.

The online mail-order company has millions of customers every day, which is why you get a good recommendation from the best-selling products. Also, the numerous reviews of buyers give a reasonably precise overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the respective smoker grill. Many positive studies indicate high customer satisfaction.