simplyUSAhello 1350 W Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill with Removable Stand

  • Brand new and high quality. Variable temperature controller with four settings to adjust
  • 240 sq in circular grill plate. With a grease collecting bowl below the surface
  • A 360o rotatable condiment tray keeping the seasoning close at hand
  • Comes with a removable stand. Assembly required
  • Overall dimension: 24.8″ x 24.8″ x 35.6″ (W x D x H)

Product Description

simplyUSAhello 1350 W Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill with Removable Stand: Product Description

Enjoy a tasty barbecue without smoke by using this professional electric grill. 1350 W power operated the BBQ grill features a variable temperature controller with four settings to adjust so you can choose the proper temperature for grilling according to different food or personal diet custom. The grill also features a removable bowl just below the surface to deposit any naturally occurring grease or other liquids. The center of the bracket is equipped with a 360o rotatable condiment tray keeping the seasoning close at hand. Don’t hesitate to buy it now!

The secret of the electric grill.


Friends The secret to obtaining an optimal grill is choosing the right temperature, cooking time adapted to the type, size and thickness of the food. Now with the new grill pan everything is possible, in fact we can forget all these variables and relax and if we also want to have fun while cooking our tasty dishes.

So gentlemen, let’s relax and give free rein to our cravings and tastes, the electric grill allows a cooking to the blood, rosé or well cooked, satisfying all tastes for every palate.

So the pleasure is immediate, thanks to the electric grill , you can always count on a touch of improvisation. Without formalities, without excessive culinary preparation and without any effort. At home or outdoors.

Do you have a dinner with friends? Have you invited the new neighbor and are you afraid? No problem, with the new electric grill in a few simple gestures, cooking is ready with exceptional rapidity and the meal is ready, the table is set, immediate consumption.

Barbecue cleaning accessories

The grill brush remains one of the most important accessories. This not only serves the maintenance during the season but also simplifies the thorough cleaning of autumn. Due to the metal brushes, even the most stubborn debris has no chance. Regarding the shapes and materials used, different producers of grill brushes propose different variants, starting from the simple brush, reduced to the essential elements, and to the models of high quality.

Particularly practical are the grill brushes that allow not only the surface cleaning of the grill but also the spaces between its bars. When buying a barbecue brush, make sure it is right for your barbecue. This is especially true for brushes, which, for example, should not damage a porcelain coating — cleaning products for stainless steel and other materials. In addition to the grill brush, for proper cleaning and proper care, suitable detergents are required for the material in question.

Despite its corrosion resistance, stainless steel should be regularly maintained to ensure long service life. Of course, individual maintenance products for food contact components must meet special requirements. What other accessories are needed to clean the grill? Gloves, an apron, and a little warm water with very little detergent are the most common items.