Ridgeyard Spit Roaster Rotisserie Pig Lamb Roast Goat,Chicken BBQ Spit Roaster Portable Picnic Outdoor Cooker Grill (Folding Barbecue Grill)

  • Light Weight Portable Design: this sturdy grill can be folded as a carrying case, very light weight and easy to carry out, perfect for outdoor use
  • Holes at the Bottom and Side: they could bring enough air flow to help the charcoal burning
  • Large Grilling Area: the removable 17” long and 10” wide chrome-plated cooking grate gives you enough surface to put the foods on it
  • Easy to Clean Up: the durable metal material can cool down quickly after finishing grilling, and very easy to clean up the oil on its surface
  • Easy to Install and Disassemble: within minutes you could start to grill, which can be very convenient when you are outside for camping, and easy to disassemble when you finish

Product Description

Ridgeyard Spit Roaster Rotisserie Pig Lamb Roast Goat,Chicken BBQ Spit Roaster Portable Picnic Outdoor Cooker Grill (Folding Barbecue Grill): Product Description

Size: Folding Barbecue Grill Features: Start to grill anytime, anywhere. Portable and space saving, not a burden to carry with. Large grilling area, get more food at the same time. Super convenient for outdoor activities. Not a trouble on cleaning, fast cool down. Specifications: Type:Grill/Smoker Combination Unit Fuel Type:Charcoal Features: Foldable, Portable Use Occasion:Outdoor Color:Black Material: metal (iron) Unit weight: 6.6lbs Package weight:6.8 lbs Unfolded size: 18.1”×11.4”×14.4” (L×W) Folded size: 18.1”× 17.9×0.98” (L×W×H) Package size: 18.5”×18.5”×1.97”(L×W×H) Package Included: 1x Portable Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Electric barbecue: five excellent tips for cooking meat

1) The grill must always be well cleaned

It seems like a foregone recommendation, but often this operation is underestimated: electric barbecues are equipped with special “collect fat” trays that must be washed carefully after each use, both to avoid unpleasant flare-ups and to ensure that the meat does not have a annoying stale smell.

In addition to the tray, of course, the grill must also be carefully cleaned.

2) Fat is good

Many people arm themselves with a sharp knife and rage against even the thinnest grain of fat that runs the surface of the steak (and, sometimes, even the hands).

And instead it would be better to save effort and skin precisely because fat is needed, not only to protect the meat from the heat of the electric barbecue , but also to keep it beautiful and juicy.

3) Salt, oil and pepper

The marinade protects the meat from the heat of the electric barbecue and, at the same time, makes it tastier.

Here is a quick recipe: in an ovenproof dish, combine extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, thyme, bay leaf, parsley; in this fragrant sauce, dip the meat for two to three hours, so that it absorbs smells and flavors.

A little tip: before placing the meat on the grill, add a sprig of rosemary to make it even more fragrant.

4) Hot grill, perfect cooking

Another golden rule for perfect meat cooking is speed.

The grill must already be warm and cooked in a few minutes.

If the meat cooks at low temperatures, and therefore for a long time, it loses all the juices and liquids that make it soft, risking becoming an inedible insole.

With a quick cooking, however, the meat is cooked quickly and retains all its goodness.

5) Patience is the virtue of grilled meat

I know, the sight and the scent of that beautiful high steak make your mouth water and you just want to bite it … but rather, bite your tongue! In fact, the meat cooked on an electric barbecue should be left to rest for a few minutes, so that the juices are distributed evenly, making the object of your desires even more tasty and succulent.

Last tip: do not use the fork to turn the meat since, by piercing it, you risk making the cooking juices come out.

Special instructions for cleaning electric grills

  1. Due to its strong heat, the heating spiral has a self-cleaning effect, because the fat or juice from the grill that drops on it evaporates immediately.
  2. For electric grills with lid apply: after the preparation on the grill burns the room of the grill. In this process, the lid must be closed; the ventilation drawer must be open. Then brush the grill with a brush.