OVENTE GQR0400BR Charcoal, 14 Chrome-Plated Grill, Enamel-Coated Firebox, Brushed

  • GET THE SMOKY FLAVOR GRILL JUNKIES CRAVE FOR – The Ovente Charcoal Grill GQR0400BR Series boasts a benefit that makes it stand out above the competition: its ability to add a hint of woodsy smoky flavor via its dual venting system. Oxygen enters the lower vent to fuel the charcoal while the upper vent lets the heat and smoke exit the grill. The heat of the charcoal sears meat quickly, creating a crusty meat exterior and delicious smoky flavor.
  • ENJOY THE GRILLED FARE WITH THE WHOLE GANG – The Ovente portable charcoal grill has a 14-inch cooking space, large enough for cooking food for up to four people. Having this outdoor grill in your backyard is perfect for small gatherings with your family or close friends.
  • DURABILITY YOU CAN VOUCH FOR – This charcoal grill provides an exceptional durability. It is chrome-plated and enamel-coated, and it can perform well on high temperatures. It can effectively resist corrosion, rust, and abrasive wear, even with continuous use
  • GRILL WHEREVER THE PARTY IS – Bring this portable grill wherever the party is happening, whether it is in your backyard or by the seaside! This one is small and lightweight to carry it on your camping trips, and it will take you just minutes to put it together. Plus, it has cool-touch handles that provides extra care when handling the grill top and an ashtray that catches all the ashes for a hassle-free cleaning.
  • LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY – All Ovente products have a one (1) year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement.

Product Description

OVENTE GQR0400BR Charcoal, 14 Chrome-Plated Grill, Enamel-Coated Firebox, Brushed: Product Description

Enjoy the BBQ Grilling Season All Year RoundHands down, grilling is one of the healthiest cooking methods around—no dripping grease, no oil, and no batter coating that weigh the meat down. Americans love the grilled fare. In fact, when the sumptuous smell of grilled meat wafts through the entire block from the neighborhood, it’s a clear sign that summer grilling season is officially on! However, we can’t just turn off our cravings for grilled food once summer is over.Good thing we don’t have to tick the flame-grilled salmons and barbecue-pulled pork off our menus when the grilling season is over. With the Ovente Charcoal Grill GQR0400BR Series, we can pretty much enjoy them any season we want! Key FeaturesENAMEL-COATED FIREBOX: The firebox or interior of the charcoal grill is coated with enamel, a material that will protect the metal from corrosion, scratch, fading, rusting, or peeling even after years of use. DUAL-VENTING SYSTEM: Perfect for low and slow grilling, this charcoal grill uses both its lower and upper vents. Oxygen enters the lower vent to fuel the charcoal, whereas the upper vent lets the heat and smoke exit the grill. 14 INCHES: Large enough to grill food for up to 4 peopleCOOL-TOUCH HANDLE: The handles remain cool to touch to prevent burns. ASH TRAY: It has an ash tray that catches all the ashes for hassle-free cleaning. SLEEK & DURABLE CHROME PLATING: At first glance, chrome plating might seem to just be about aesthetics. It has a glossy, bright, and mirror-like surface. But it isn’t just that. Ovente’s charcoal grill offers superior resistance against rust, abrasive wear, and corrosion.

How to use the charcoal grill barbecue

To use the charcoal grill correctly, it is always necessary to clean it thoroughly from the residues of the food and choose a quantity of charcoal directly proportional to the food to be cooked.

The latter must be arranged in the shape of a pyramid in the center of the burner and sprinkled with flammable liquid which will quickly catch fire causing the temperature of the grill to rise: at this point it is good to close the lid of the barbecue grill, starting cooking after about 5 minutes.

Special instructions for maintaining charcoal grills

  • The surface of your grill is made of enameled porcelain enamel, which must not be waxed or painted. Wash dust and dirt only with warm soapy water.
  • On cover models: burn any leftovers after each use. The lid must be closed and the vent slot open. Remove all coarse food residue from the grill beforehand, which shortens the burn time. Then rub the grill with a suitable, clean brush.

Give priority to certain features of the garden charcoal grills.

  1. Choose a charcoal grill with shelves. A grill with shelves is very useful for any household, were you not frustrated that you have nowhere to place or prepare the steaks? Get a sturdy shelf on the sides to meet this storage need. The best buying tips consist of choosing a rack with shelves.
  2. Choose a grill model with a built-in thermostat to avoid burning the steak. Being able to say that the inside temperature of the grill is at all times an important advantage. The meat is particularly sensitive to temperature, so the more you are aware of it, the better the meat will come out.
  3. Purchase a barbecue grill to keep your grill. Protecting the barbecue is a worthwhile investment because it will extend the life of your barbecue, protecting it from the weather. Go for an unpolished vinyl, polyester, oilcloth, or weather-covered nylon cover.

It is particularly necessary to get a lid if your grill is made of stainless steel because it will protect your grill from shock.

  1. Make sure your gas grill has at least two stainless steel or brass burners. Having at least two burners allows you to have one-off and one on. It is best if you can buy a multi-burner grill, as this will allow you to have different heat zones, which can be useful when preparing several types of food at a time. Stay away from aluminum and cast iron burners as they easily rust and corrode.
  2. Buy a special basket for preparing vegetables. It can be very difficult to cook vegetables and certain types of seafood, such as shrimps, without falling into the flame or ash. Getting this accessory along with the charcoal grills itself, will prevent this from happening.
  3. Stay away from unnecessary and complicated features if you are a beginner. Especially if you are at the first professional barbecue, think twice before buying complex barbecues with smokers, etc., electric charcoal starters and rotors. Most of the time, these features cause more frustration than they deserve.