OPW Grill N Go – Small Portable Charcoal Grill – Great for Camping, Tailgating or Taking Anywhere – USA Made!

  • The Grill N Go is Portable! Take it anywhere you want to cook!
  • It is completely made in the USA from heavy duty steel. Works as a Hibachi grill on your tailgate or camp table. Take this fishing with you and have a quick shore lunch!
  • 1-3 day shipping!
  • Grate handle works for stirring the charcoal and has a bottle opener on the other end!
  • The Grill N Go is built to last!

Product Description

OPW Grill N Go – Small Portable Charcoal Grill – Great for Camping, Tailgating or Taking Anywhere – USA Made!: Product Description

The Grill N Go is a portable charcoal grill! If you love the taste of charcoal grilled food and do not always have the patience then this grill is for you! It stores anywhere, assembles quickly, and doesn’t require a lot of charcoal, making cooking time very fast!The Grill N Go slides together and apart without the use of tools. It can be easily stored just about anywhere. This can be easily stored in your vehicle ready to grill at a moments notice. It is not completely sealed meaning it may drop small amounts of grease or ash onto the surface it’s sitting on. If your worried about the setting surface just throw down some aluminum foil or cookie sheet. Works great as a card table fire pit! Great for camping or just leaving in your vehicle for some impromptu grilling! Grill weights just under 11 lbs and is raw steel. Being raw steel the color may vary slightly and may develop a light surface oxide. To keep the grill in good shape just wash occasionally in warm soapy water and wipe down with light cooking oil. >IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN EASY AND QUICK TO USE CHARCOAL GRILL THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME THEN SEARCH NO MORE GET A GRILL N GO!

How to use the charcoal grill barbecue

To use the charcoal grill correctly, it is always necessary to clean it thoroughly from the residues of the food and choose a quantity of charcoal directly proportional to the food to be cooked.

The latter must be arranged in the shape of a pyramid in the center of the burner and sprinkled with flammable liquid which will quickly catch fire causing the temperature of the grill to rise: at this point it is good to close the lid of the barbecue grill, starting cooking after about 5 minutes.

How to clean the charcoal barbecue

The outdoor charcoal grills barbecue is a joy for gourmets; the cleaning of the barbecue, however, is much less so. The routine maintenance is essential both to keep in good BBQ was to ensure better cooking food. A dirty grill can contaminate food and cause tender meat to attack. This tutorial explains, in a simple and precise way, how you can clean the charcoal barbecue in a simple, fast, and without the use of chemicals. Some people prefer to use specific detergents, but the degreaser or bleach on incandescent surfaces alter the flavor of food. The guide gives advice on cleaning the barbecue with olive or seed oil.

The method of cleaning the barbecue arouses quite controversial opinions. If you decide to clean the grill in a simple, fast, and natural way, you have to heat it on the incandescent charcoal for about 20/30 minutes. In this way, the scale and stubborn dirt dissolve quickly, and the tool can be easily cleaned. With a metal-bristled barbecue brush, food residues must be removed. Then you have to fold a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper into four and dip it in the oil (olive or seeds), using a pair of pliers. Then you have to pass it on the grill, taking care not to wet the charcoal as it can cause dangerous flare-ups.

The oil helps protect the barbecue grill from rust and, at the same time, does not attack the meat. If it is deemed necessary, it is advisable to pass the brush with the metal bristles a second time and wait about 48 hours for the charcoal to cool. Then it must be wrapped in aluminum foil. At this point, it is advisable to throw it in a metal bin or a bucket to avoid contact with flammable sources (petrol, acetone, paper or sawdust).

If you need to cool the charcoal inside the grill quickly, it is preferable to wrap it in aluminum foil. Then, you have to dip it in the water before putting it in a container. It is advisable to keep it away from flammable materials. If you decide to leave the charcoal barbecue outside, it is advisable to cover it with a towel. In this way, it protects itself from rain, cold, rust: moreover, it prevents that various insects and animals sneak inside.

Decide the size of the outdoor charcoal grills.

  • Go to a large barbecue if you frequent parties or frequent guests. Getting a larger barbecue will minimize the cooking time for large groups and allow everyone to eat at the same time. If you intend to cook for many people at once, 400-500 centimeters is a good size.
  • Purchase a smaller barbecue if you do not have much room for space. Remember to measure the area you plan to prepare before selecting one. The charcoal grills come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have mobile capabilities. Whether you have a large courtyard or an apartment terrace, you should find something that suits your space.
  • Get a larger grill to cook larger pieces of meat effectively. Smaller pieces of steak, chicken, and vegetables can be grilled with a smaller charcoal grill without any problems. If you are interested in cooking larger pieces of meat, such as whole pork ribs, you will need something with a larger surface.