MCP Island Grills Stainless Steel Propane or Natural Gas BBQ Grill, with 8 Burners, Infrared Sear Burner, Rotisserie, Side Tables and Free Protective Cover

  • 430 Stainless Steel Construction, High Quality Stainless Steel Burners and Flame Guards, 8 Zone BBQ Grill and Rotisserie (Skewer, Motor, Bracket included), Propane or Natural Gas (Minor part change for Natural Gas, tool is provided to convert).
  • Electronic Ignition, Rear back infrared sear burner, 3 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, Blue LED Lighting above each control knob on grill.
  • 6 Burners each at 12,000 BTU’s, 1 x Cast Iron Side Burner @ 12,000 BTU’s, 1 x Infrared Rear Burner @ 12,000 BTU’s (Total 96,000 BTU’s), Net Weight: ~250lbs Crated Weight 400lbs.
  • Rotisserie skewer: 36″, Easy to clean slide out stainless steel grease pan, Canvas Cover Included Free, Main Grill Fully Assembled (Some small parts such as rotisserie have to be installed).
  • Overall Grill Size (Not including the 2 side tables) 57.75″ W x 23″ D x 47″ T, Side table extensions: 15.75″ W x 23″ D (Can fold down or be removed if needed), Both side tables up: 89.25″ total length. Grill Surface: Grilling surface is 38″ W x 18″ D, Warming rack on top: 37.5″ W x 6″ D. Side Burner: 13.25″ D x 10.5″ W. Ships LTL Freight with curbside delivery via lift gate only or dock unload.

Product Description

MCP Island Grills Stainless Steel Propane or Natural Gas BBQ Grill, with 8 Burners, Infrared Sear Burner, Rotisserie, Side Tables and Free Protective Cover: Product Description

Huge 8 Burner 96,000 BTU model. Side burner + rear infrared sear burner included, pre-installed. 100% Factory Sealed. High quality all stainless steel construction. Comes complete with all lights as pictured. 99% assembled, basically just roll it out of the box and its ready. Works with Propane or Natural Gas. *Right out of the box its designed for propane. If you need to use Natural Gas, it will come with a tool to remove all of the propane orifice fittings. ** Customer must do this on their end. We recommend this to be done with a qualified professional. ** If using natural gas, customer will need to get their own natural gas hose, which goes from the property to the incoming gas port on the grill. We do include this automatically with propane. Only is needed if natural gas is used. Thick heavy duty lockable castors included on all sections, makes moving it very easy. Certifications: AGA, CE, ETL, CSA,ISO9000 , ISO14000, ISO18000, Over 90 Patents. 1 Year Warranty, parts only. Standard delivery is curbside delivery for residential addresses via liftgate. Please read our Amazon storefront info and shipping policies, as it may not be possible for us to ship this item to your location.

Advantages of the propane grill

  1. the ignition is made easily, smoke-free or at any risk;
  2. it can be used in any outdoor conditions – rain, cold, wind, snow;
  3. ignition is done whenever it is needed and does not require the maintenance of the jar for successive tranches;
  4. working with propane the barbecue goes well and in winter, at very low temperatures, so that the barbecue pre-preparation is no longer the summer months;
  5. does not require permanent supervision.

Cleaning the propane grills barbecue

At the barbecue party, the preparations must grind as hard as possible, and the meat must be sprinkled with salt, steam, the jars, and ashes abound! However, after the stomachs have filled and the work is completed, one important thing must not be forgotten: cleaning the grill! Here are some suggestions and tips on cleaning the barbecue.

For all types of propane grills

  • For proper hygiene, always clean the grill after each use, not before. The grill should be cleaned of all residues of fat, oil, and food. Otherwise, the leftovers from the last party will greet you again from the barbecue.
  • If you want to prevent sticking and burning of fat and food residues, you can simply use an aluminum drip tray.
  • Of course, not only the barbecue grill must be cleaned. Especially when you put the barbecue on hold in the fall or put it back on after winter, you must also clean the space inside. To do this, remove all removable parts, such as the grill, flameproof lid and grease tray (which must also be cleaned).
  • Do not use abrasive products. This way, avoid scratching the surfaces.
  • Stain stains, grease residues, burnt dirt, and food particles can easily be removed with a mild detergent and household sponge or kitchen cloth.
  • Do not use aggressive or lemon-based cleaning agents – they can attack the paint.
  • For the grill grate: remove the coarse residue with a paper towel. Solve strong deposits by soaking in soapy water. Then clean the grill with a mild detergent and household sponge.
  • Cover the propane grills when not in use or store in a weatherproof area.

How to buy the ideal propane grills?

  1. Choose with a charcoal grill if you are patient and like the unique flavor. Coal grills are the most common types of barbecue and are the most accessible, usually costing between 400 and 1500 lei for higher quality. Many prefer it for the special taste of smoke that it provides by being fueled with coal. Charcoal grills require more time to prepare the roast and require cleaning after each use.
  2. Choose propane grills if you have a bigger budget. Gas grills are powered by liquid propane or natural gas and give you better temperature control. You can get a good quality gas grill from about 800 lei to about 2,000. There are gas grills out there with thousands of lei prices, but even if you really want to impress your neighbors, the gas grills are more expensive. This option may be more expensive but requires a little less time and effort.
  3. Choose an electric barbecue if you live in an apartment complex. Electric grills are excellent for those who do not care about the drawbacks of the traditional grill. Gas and charcoal grills offer more flavor but may require a few different products and steps. With the electric grill, you simply plug it into an outlet, and you are ready to prepare the steak.