Lazy Man Masterpiece Series Barbecue – Two Surface Burners Propane Model


Product Description

Lazy Man Masterpiece Series Barbecue – Two Surface Burners Propane Model: Product Description

Lazyman Masterpiece Series BBQ with Two surface burners is made of stainless steel that lasts for lifetime. It has internal gas piping and fittings for easy connection to gas supply. This unit has two broiler burners that give 12,000 BTU each. It has a fast start-up technology from independently controlled burners to insure best professional cooking results. Create your own grilling area by selecting any combination of broiler burners and surface burners. Mix and match any unit within masonry construction or within wood construction using insulation kits and spacers. Superior construction using commercial quality, professional grade Stainless Steel. A 750 degree thermometer is standard. Stainless steel cooking grates are rods welded together and designed for easy cleaning. Internal gas piping and fittings for convenient rear connection to propane gas. Slide out stainless steel drip pan in each surface burner. Precise individual burner control. Easy to clean stainless steel surfaces throughout. Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Standard 5-10 year warranty included. Overall Dimensions: 28″ x 21″ x 12″. Total BTU Ratings: 24,000. LPG Model

Advantages & tips natural gas grill

If you have a natural gas connection, you can choose between a gas grill with propane or natural gas. A propane grill is especially recommended if you want to use your grill mobile or your outdoor kitchen with built-in barbecue is far from the port. Otherwise, the natural gas grill has an advantage.

Barbecue to save money!

Natural gas is cheaper than propane. Contact your natural gas provider for current prices.

You have less effort!

Propane gas must always be bought in bottles from a hardware store or from a specialist dealer. Constantly buying and changing the propane gas bottle takes a lot of time. Natural gas is connected once and is always available.

Ask the specialist!

Never connect a natural gas grill yourself or convert the grill on your own. The professional connects your grill properly and you don’t have to worry about possible dangers.

Pay attention to ventilation!

If you install a natural gas grill in your outdoor kitchen and the connection is not hidden outside, but hidden in the base, make sure there is sufficient ventilation. Ventilation slots at the top of the built-in door are recommended here. In contrast to propane gas, natural gas is lighter than air.

Pay attention to the power requirement!

Natural gas sockets are often a bottleneck and only let 15kW / h through, even if there is more power behind them. Natural gas barbecues almost always require far more than 15 kW / h.

Clean the grill completely

Frequent grilles should clean the gas grill completely once a month. To do this, the gas bottle is first removed. Then all screws are loosened, soaked in soapy water and cleaned with steel wool . Alternatively, a knife can be used to remove coarse dirt. Now the screws and other components only have to be dried thoroughly and reinstalled.

Finally, the burner must of course also be cleaned. If you have a gas grill with lava stones , you should remove these stones and wash them in a mild soapy water. Conventional detergent is ideal for this. To ensure that there are no smells later when grilling , the grill should be completely heated again after cleaning .

So there are numerous ways to clean a gas grill. Most of them are relatively easy to implement and ensure carefree barbecue fun.

Factors to consider before buying a gas grill

If you chose an outdoor gas grill, here are a few points to help you choose:

1. Size of the gatural gas grill

The size of the grill area is an important consideration when buying a gas grill. With a larger grill area, it is easier to knock out larger amounts of food. When deciding on the size of the grill, you should consider the number of people you cook with regularly. Most people generally opt for the size of the grill around a 32-inch mark. The reason for this is that this size gives you enough space to cook in a variety of ways.

2. Take into account the number of burners

If the grill has a few burners, you can prepare food to satisfy the hunger of 4 people at the same time without any problems. On the other hand, if the number of people you cook with is 8, you need to go for a three burner grill. If you choose a device with fewer than three burners, it may be difficult to achieve even heat distribution.

3. Gas type

You may be wondering if there are gas grills in different versions. You should consider whether you need natural gas or propane gas. If you choose a device that works with natural gas, you should have a gas pipe in place of your grill. Even if affordable grills used not to have natural gas, you could find them today. Natural gas conversion kits are also available these days that work, even if you choose a grill that runs on propane gas but has a natural gas supply in your home. Natural gas barbecues will cost you less in the long run. With this option, you can also save trips to the propane gas warehouse.

4. Looking beyond burgers

A basic gas grill will help you cook burgers and hot dogs. However, if you want to prepare sizzling steaks and fish with burn marks, you need to look at a temperature range. The higher the temperature range, the better the grill can prepare different types of food. If you want to cook large or hard pieces of meat slowly, you should choose a grill that allows indirect cooking.

5. Materials and thickness of the wire rack

The high-quality stainless steel material is used for the grillage. You should consider not only the material but also the thickness of the grill when comparing different grills. As you can tell, the grill is an essential part that has been wearing a lot over the years. If the grids are thicker, they stay with you longer. They also ensure better heat storage. The meat that you prepare on such grills also shows stronger grilling marks.

6. The grill’s footprint

In addition to the size of your cooking surface, you should also compare the space created by the grill before shopping. This is an important consideration when there is limited space for the grill. Most grills come with side shelves that can either be attached or detached, depending on user needs. For safety reasons, it is better to make sure the grill is 5 to 6 feet away from the surface and other flammable materials.

7 heat

You may have heard of BTU Rating. It is the measurement of the amount of heat generated by the burner. If a grill has a higher BTU, it does not mean that it is generating more and more heat. Knowing the level of heat generated is only one factor. It also determines the size of the grill and how well it can hold and distribute the heat. So you shouldn’t choose a grill just because it has a higher BTU number. Rather, you should compare the number with the shape and size of the grill. Compact and smaller grills can produce even higher cooking temperatures with lower BTUs.

8. Keep away from the infrared

If you compare gas grills, you will find that most of them are equipped with infrared burners. These burners are intended for those who want to achieve intense heat for frying chops or steaks. It is better to avoid grilling with this type of burner. The reason is that they don’t burn better than normal gas burners. You can rather choose models that reach high firing temperatures and even bring them to low firing temperatures for indirect cooking.

9. Consider a grill with flame retardants

There are flame tamers between the cooking grate and the burner, which are also referred to as aroma bars/plates. They protect the burners from fat and drops. In return, they will reduce flare-ups. They can even form the fat and vaporize it. In turn, they help give your meat a smoky flavour.

If the grill is more flame retardant, the heat is distributed and rises from the burner to the hob. If you opt for a full-surface gas grill with flame tamers, you get an evenly heated cooking surface.

The ideal flame arresters are usually made of ceramic or stainless steel. It is important to check that the flame retardant materials are corrosion resistant when you grill with flame retardants.

10. burner material

In addition to taking into account the number of burners and avoiding infrared burners, you should also pay attention to other materials used in the manufacture of burners.

Stainless steel burners are considered the best. This type is generally made using a perforated tube. They usually last for several years to produce the best blue fire.

You will also come across gas grills with cast iron burners. Not only are these burners solid, but they also deliver the performance you want to achieve. However, the material used to make these burners can rust quickly.

Another alternative you’ll come across is a tin burner. These are ineffective burners that rust within a year. They also do not help to achieve the desired amount of heat.

11. Durability

Of course, gas barbecues are called durable barbecues compared to other versions. In addition, the shelf life of the grill you choose depends on various factors. The factors include materials, metal thickness and quality of the parts used by the manufacturer. The main role, however, is how well you maintain the device. With proper maintenance, the quality of the grills can last a long time.