Fire Magic Echelon Grill, E660S, LP

  • Freestanding propane gas grill on cart
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction for superior durability and luxury aesthetics
  • Blue LED backlit safety knobs with multi-functional electronic digital thermometer
  • Feather-Lite, easy-lift oven hood with spring assist, Roller-bearing heavy-duty rotisserie
  • Overall dimensions: 30.87 x 47 x 62.75 inches

Product Description

Fire Magic Echelon Grill, E660S, LP: Product Description

Echelon Diamond “A” Series E660s Portable Stand Alone Grill with Rotisserie & Single Side burner (30″ x 22″) – LP. Includes: super high torque motor, stainless steel spit rod, meat forks and a counter balance, three E burners, charcoal/smoker combo basket, cooking grid lifter, warming rack, drip tray liners, Heavy Duty 8′ extension cord, regulator, hose and thermometer. Features: BTUs: 78,000. Pre-assembled. Cooking grid lifter. Paper towel holder. Two storage drawers. Fuel: Liquid Propane. Two fold down shelves. Heavy-duty swivel wheels. Backlit safety control knobs. Stainless steel warming rack. Stainless steel valve manifold. All stainless steel construction. Disposable foil drip tray liners. Charcoal/Smoker Combo Basket. Regulator and high capacity hose. Custom Personalized Name Plate. 2 halogen 12 volt internal oven lamps. Double wall, water resistant, seamless hood. 12 volt electronic hot surface ignition system. Equipped with three cast stainless steel “E” burners. Hood mounted analog thermometer with polished bezel. Two 110 volt plug in electrical supplies with 12 volt transformer. Sculpted curves on corners and convenient handles on shelves. Storage door with 6″ handle, inside shelves & condiment holders. Equipped with a Quantum foam rotisserie backburner with a total of 11,000 BTU’s. Heat zone separators: steaks can be seared while vegetables cook on same grill at lower temperature. Stainless Steel Diamond Sear cooking grids, providing more cooking surface for fast, even heating and restaurant style sear marks. Specifications: Cooking Surface: 660 square inches of (30″ x 22″).

Advantages of the propane grill

  1. the ignition is made easily, smoke-free or at any risk;
  2. it can be used in any outdoor conditions – rain, cold, wind, snow;
  3. ignition is done whenever it is needed and does not require the maintenance of the jar for successive tranches;
  4. working with propane the barbecue goes well and in winter, at very low temperatures, so that the barbecue pre-preparation is no longer the summer months;
  5. does not require permanent supervision.

Maintenance of the propane grills

  • Before using the propane grills for the first time, allow the grill burners to burn for approx. Fifteen minutes maximum before actually putting the products on the grill. This is necessary to remove any residual residue from the manufacturing process.
  • Before switching on the gas grill, grease the grill with oil each time, to prevent the grill from sticking to the hot grill. By burning, the products will adhere to the barbecue and will then be difficult to remove (recommended with a fattier oil for frying).
  • Regularly clean the gas grill: the grill is removed from the gas grill when it is still warm and clean; rinse with water, sprinkle with a cleaning solution, allow some time to act, and rinse well with water.
  • Removing the leftovers on the grill and cleaning the flavor bars is very simple. Start the burning by cleaning (hold all burners of the gas grill burning simultaneously with the lid closed for 15 minutes) after the effective use of the propane grills. By burning, any debris will turn to ash, and the grill can be immediately cleaned with a brush for cleaning.

What should you know before buying propane grills?

  1. With a simple push of a button and the opening of a gas faucet, you have a quick and easily controllable heat source within reach;
  2. You can adjust the temperature and other baking parameters depending on the type of preparation to be baked, considering that each type of meat has its optimal cooking time (eg, the chicken will fry much faster than pork or beef), and vegetables faster even than chicken);
  3. The investment is slightly higher than for the charcoal grill because you need a special grill;
  4. You definitely need a gas bottle, which can be filled after exhaustion;
  5. The rapid ignition and the fact that you are exempt from lighters, boxes of matches, the gathering of peas and maps to start the fire to burn the coal (after which you will have to wait a while)
  6. For cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the surface of the propane grills with a metal brush.