Electric BBQ Grill, Smoke free Grill, Table Grill with Adjustable Temperature Control, Nonstick Removable Dishwasher Safe Plate (8-Person) YZPDSKJ

  • Powerful 2000W heating element, multi-function electric grill is very suitable for vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese, etc. It is very suitable for family gatherings, Laclet parties or daily use.
  • Large cooking surface with non-stick coating provides a healthy, delicious and delicious cheese meal for the entire family. The plate can be heated quickly and evenly. The non-stick coating provides more sliding and less cursing when grilling food. .
  • An electric disc holder with a heat-resistant handle and a non-stick coating, cooking meat and vegetables on the top plate, and cheese or sauce on the bottom. It is also ideal for keeping food warm or melted cheese or sauce. Sprinkle on the freshly baked creation.
  • Adjustable temperature control, you can accurately cook meat, seafood and vegetables, visible indicators and non-slip feet for safe use.
  • If you have any quality problems, please feel free to contact us!

Product Description

Electric BBQ Grill, Smoke free Grill, Table Grill with Adjustable Temperature Control, Nonstick Removable Dishwasher Safe Plate (8-Person) YZPDSKJ: Product Description

Purchase instructions and tips:The thermostat is designed with a scale-free knob and the maximum temperature is 400. Please purchase carefully!The heating plate is relatively heavy due to the built-in washable structure. Please pay attention to the two handles when cleaning to avoid slipping and damage.The drip tray is designed to avoid soot, but under continuous high temperature grilling, smoke cannot be completely avoided.Time is limited, so don’t waste your life in useless choices and comparisons.Meeting her and choosing her is the most beautiful accident in life.Smoke-free indoor barbecue, the first sight of love!Bring outdoor cooking into the comfort of your kitchen.Don’t worry about the weather, the propane tank or charcoal is messy.With the electric indoor grill, you can enjoy the perfect barbecue, seafood and vegetables all year round.No one fires a barbecue and barbecues to make a few steaks.Don’t wait until the weather improves to enjoy a juicy burger.Adjustable temperature control allows you to maintain cooking cycles without worrying about overheating at high temperatures.And the large, non-stick cooking surface allows for plenty of room to grill multiple items at the same time.It also comes with an oversized drip tray that captures excess grease or grease…….All of this, just for you!

Electric barbecue: five excellent tips for cooking meat

1) The grill must always be well cleaned

It seems like a foregone recommendation, but often this operation is underestimated: electric barbecues are equipped with special “collect fat” trays that must be washed carefully after each use, both to avoid unpleasant flare-ups and to ensure that the meat does not have a annoying stale smell.

In addition to the tray, of course, the grill must also be carefully cleaned.

2) Fat is good

Many people arm themselves with a sharp knife and rage against even the thinnest grain of fat that runs the surface of the steak (and, sometimes, even the hands).

And instead it would be better to save effort and skin precisely because fat is needed, not only to protect the meat from the heat of the electric barbecue , but also to keep it beautiful and juicy.

3) Salt, oil and pepper

The marinade protects the meat from the heat of the electric barbecue and, at the same time, makes it tastier.

Here is a quick recipe: in an ovenproof dish, combine extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, thyme, bay leaf, parsley; in this fragrant sauce, dip the meat for two to three hours, so that it absorbs smells and flavors.

A little tip: before placing the meat on the grill, add a sprig of rosemary to make it even more fragrant.

4) Hot grill, perfect cooking

Another golden rule for perfect meat cooking is speed.

The grill must already be warm and cooked in a few minutes.

If the meat cooks at low temperatures, and therefore for a long time, it loses all the juices and liquids that make it soft, risking becoming an inedible insole.

With a quick cooking, however, the meat is cooked quickly and retains all its goodness.

5) Patience is the virtue of grilled meat

I know, the sight and the scent of that beautiful high steak make your mouth water and you just want to bite it … but rather, bite your tongue! In fact, the meat cooked on an electric barbecue should be left to rest for a few minutes, so that the juices are distributed evenly, making the object of your desires even more tasty and succulent.

Last tip: do not use the fork to turn the meat since, by piercing it, you risk making the cooking juices come out.

Barbecue cleaning accessories

The grill brush remains one of the most important accessories. This not only serves the maintenance during the season but also simplifies the thorough cleaning of autumn. Due to the metal brushes, even the most stubborn debris has no chance. Regarding the shapes and materials used, different producers of grill brushes propose different variants, starting from the simple brush, reduced to the essential elements, and to the models of high quality.

Particularly practical are the grill brushes that allow not only the surface cleaning of the grill but also the spaces between its bars. When buying a barbecue brush, make sure it is right for your barbecue. This is especially true for brushes, which, for example, should not damage a porcelain coating — cleaning products for stainless steel and other materials. In addition to the grill brush, for proper cleaning and proper care, suitable detergents are required for the material in question.

Despite its corrosion resistance, stainless steel should be regularly maintained to ensure long service life. Of course, individual maintenance products for food contact components must meet special requirements. What other accessories are needed to clean the grill? Gloves, an apron, and a little warm water with very little detergent are the most common items.