Electric baking pan Korean Barbecue Hot Pot Double Pot, Integrated Cooker Pot,2 in 1 Large Capacity Household Multifunctional Electric Hot Pot Electric Barbecue

  • 2 in 1 Function‘- Indoor Electric Grill suitable for steaks, vegetables, shellfish, pasta, etc; Hotpot with divider can make two tastes of hot pot.
  • Separately Temperature Control‘- Hot pot and bbq grill have independent temperature control, independent temperature control in the barbecue area and cooking area, can be switched, rational use of resources.
  • Oil Leakage Port + Oil Tank‘- can filter out excess oil, use more peace of mind, no need to worry about the inconvenience caused by excessive oil in the barbecue.
  • Easy to Clean‘- Excellent Material, aluminum material with healthy non-stick coating, safe to use.Super thick aluminum pot, durable, won’t take much time to clean and wash ie wipe it with a soft Cloth, making work after meal much more easier. Do not use steel balls when washing, otherwise the non-stick layer will be scratched with a soft cloth
  • Efficient Heating Up‘- Cast aluminum body with Non-stick coating, healthy and easy use. High-power heat pipe, heating faster and more uniform, improving combustion efficiency, fast cooking, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Product Description

Electric baking pan Korean Barbecue Hot Pot Double Pot, Integrated Cooker Pot,2 in 1 Large Capacity Household Multifunctional Electric Hot Pot Electric Barbecue: Product Description

Product descriptionparameter:Capacity: 4L-5LApplicable number: 5-6 peopleRated voltage: 220VLiner material: alloyRated power: 1360WSpecifications: 32cmAuxiliary method: touchRated frequency: 50HzPacking size: 44.5×16.5x40cmPay attention to safe use:1. Please read all materials carefully before using the rice cooker for the first time.2. When using, connect the thermostat to the pot and place in batches.3. When fully used, set it to the “OFF” position and unplug the power plug. Only use electrical accessories provided by our company to avoid accidents.4. Avoid contact between wires and hot objects. The pot should be placed on a safe, level surface to avoid collisions and burns.5. When there is hot soup or hot oil, please move carefully.6. When there is hot oil, please be careful: Do not close the lid when frying. Do not touch the thermostat during use, please pay attention to the projector.7. Before cleaning, please unplug the temperature control area and place it in a dry place to allow it to cool down naturally to avoid electric shock. Do not drop the thermostat and insert liquid or water. Do not change its purpose.8. When cleaning, put a small amount of detergent or water in the pot. Then dry the pan with a soft cloth. Never immerse the electrical base in water. Or ask the base to pour water. So as not to cause leakage and endanger safety.

The secret of the electric grill.


Friends The secret to obtaining an optimal grill is choosing the right temperature, cooking time adapted to the type, size and thickness of the food. Now with the new grill pan everything is possible, in fact we can forget all these variables and relax and if we also want to have fun while cooking our tasty dishes.

So gentlemen, let’s relax and give free rein to our cravings and tastes, the electric grill allows a cooking to the blood, rosé or well cooked, satisfying all tastes for every palate.

So the pleasure is immediate, thanks to the electric grill , you can always count on a touch of improvisation. Without formalities, without excessive culinary preparation and without any effort. At home or outdoors.

Do you have a dinner with friends? Have you invited the new neighbor and are you afraid? No problem, with the new electric grill in a few simple gestures, cooking is ready with exceptional rapidity and the meal is ready, the table is set, immediate consumption.

Special instructions for cleaning electric grills

  1. Due to its strong heat, the heating spiral has a self-cleaning effect, because the fat or juice from the grill that drops on it evaporates immediately.
  2. For electric grills with lid apply: after the preparation on the grill burns the room of the grill. In this process, the lid must be closed; the ventilation drawer must be open. Then brush the grill with a brush.