Captain Stag KAMADO Stove Chimney Stove fire Stand UG-11

  • Product size 🙁 approximately) assembly time / 450 × depth 550 × height 950mm, body / outer diameter 360 × height 550mm, mesh size / 360 × 360mm / product weight 🙁 approximately) 6.3Kg
  • Material: body, saliva, door, leg / normal copperplate (surface enamel processing), barbecue network, perforated plate, handle / iron (chrome plating), Kumifuta / zinc-plated steel plate, chimney / stainless steel
  • The set includes: body 1, leg 3, the collar 1, door 1, lever 1, door received fitting 1, the lever receiving fitting 1, Axis 1, fixed pin 1, barbecue network 1, perforated plate 1, handle 2, chimney (mounting parts, cylinder, lid) 1, Kumifuta (large, medium, small) 1, screw (large) 17, washer (large) 17, nut (large) 17, a screw (small) 5, washer (small) 5, nut (small) 5
  • ※Note: The assembly requires a tool such as a Phillips screwdriver. Please note the time of purchase.
  • Country of origin: China

Product Description

Captain Stag KAMADO Stove Chimney Stove fire Stand UG-11: Product Description

Stove type of chimney stove that can be used in five of the applications to suit the outdoor scene  it can be used in five of the applications! Wood-burning stove, bonfire, barbecue, Dutch oven, stove, etc.  High: charcoal, low: it can be set to a height suitable for firewood  lid set-top that can be used in accordance with the size of the pot  With a convenient door to the shirttail of charcoal  With nets barbecue can enjoy

Smoker For Barbecue

Why gas? : the answer is easy, for its convenience of use. You turn it on, and it’s ready to use. You don’t have to ignite charcoal or wood or wait for it to be prepared for cooking or to clear the scraps later like all the grills you have to clean, usually or at the end of the season or when I see that there is already greases accumulated by the type of foods that I used and always use specific cleaning products, so my barbecue it takes more time. In summer or winter, the season does not matter, and we have to open the bottle that we bring to the gas station and start the barbecue, in 2 minutes it is ready to use, and the best thing is that you can put it on a terrace because it barely makes smoke. But if you want that smoky, woody touch in your recipes, there are options

Cleaning tools To properly clean a gas grill, you need to:

  • Bucket
  • Mild soap, such as liquid dishwashing detergent. Buy one with the
  • degreasing formula.
  • White vinegar
  • Clean rags
  • Brass wire brush (available in hardware stores and home)
  • Spatula
  • Water (a garden hose makes it easier to clean the outside)

Cleaning the outside

The exterior of a gas grill is usually made of metal or painted metal; be careful not to scratch the surface with abrasive sponges or corrosive detergents. To clean the outside of the grill, close the upper part and any underlying compartments. Add water (if possible hot) to the bucket. Use the rag to clean the outside of the grill. If the water in the bucket gets dirty, empty it, rinse it and refill it, as often as necessary. If the exterior is particularly dirty, use dishwashing detergent. Rinse all the soap with water.

Cleaning the inside

To clean the inside, which is probably the dirtiest part of the grill, you need to remove the grill and set it aside. It can be washed separately later. To clean the internal compartment of the grill, use the soft metal brush to remove dirt. Make sure to clean the corners very well, where grease can accumulate, take the spatula, or a scraper to clean it all the way. If the material does not fall to the ground, under the grill, push everything towards the dripping pan. Remove the dripping pan and clean it. You should always empty the dripping pan every time you use the grill so that the accumulated fat does not catch fire.

Cleaning the Grids

Place the racks or racks on the lawn. Wash vigorously, using the wire brush, rub until there is no more material.

Guide to buying the excellent smoker grill barbecue

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