ARTEFLAME Burger Pucks, Set of 4, Making it Easy to Grill Perfect Burgers on Any Grill. Made in The USA, Lasts a Lifetime.

  • Comes in Sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 Burger Pucks. Perfect Grill Accessory, Turns Your Grill Into A Griddle Grill Combination. Super Versatile And Fun To Use. Great For Camping Too.
  • Solid Steel Cooking Surface Makes It Easy To Grill Delicious Food Without Ever Burning It. The Healthy Way To Grill. Flames Never Touch Or Burn Your Food. Perfect For Burgers, Steaks, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables And More.
  • Burger Pucks Are Perfect For Grilling Food Besides Burgers. Try Breakfast With Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes And Hash Browns. No Slots To Lose Your Food Through. All Juices Stay Right Where You Want Them.
  • No Laborious Maintenance, No More Grimy Grill Grates to Clean, No Brittle Cast Iron That Breaks, No Unhealthy Chrome Platings, No Unhealthy Silicone. Just Solid US Steel.
  • Made In The USA From Solid 1/4″ Thick Carbon Steel. Will Not Break, Chip Or Crack. Designed To Last A Lifetime. Made From Single Piece Of Steel With Lift Handle. No Welds Or Seams.

Product Description

ARTEFLAME Burger Pucks, Set of 4, Making it Easy to Grill Perfect Burgers on Any Grill. Made in The USA, Lasts a Lifetime.: Product Description

How to use the charcoal grill barbecue

To use the charcoal grill correctly, it is always necessary to clean it thoroughly from the residues of the food and choose a quantity of charcoal directly proportional to the food to be cooked.

The latter must be arranged in the shape of a pyramid in the center of the burner and sprinkled with flammable liquid which will quickly catch fire causing the temperature of the grill to rise: at this point it is good to close the lid of the barbecue grill, starting cooking after about 5 minutes.

Special instructions for maintaining charcoal grills

  • The surface of your grill is made of enameled porcelain enamel, which must not be waxed or painted. Wash dust and dirt only with warm soapy water.
  • On cover models: burn any leftovers after each use. The lid must be closed and the vent slot open. Remove all coarse food residue from the grill beforehand, which shortens the burn time. Then rub the grill with a suitable, clean brush.

Decide the size of the outdoor charcoal grills.

  • Go to a large barbecue if you frequent parties or frequent guests. Getting a larger barbecue will minimize the cooking time for large groups and allow everyone to eat at the same time. If you intend to cook for many people at once, 400-500 centimeters is a good size.
  • Purchase a smaller barbecue if you do not have much room for space. Remember to measure the area you plan to prepare before selecting one. The charcoal grills come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have mobile capabilities. Whether you have a large courtyard or an apartment terrace, you should find something that suits your space.
  • Get a larger grill to cook larger pieces of meat effectively. Smaller pieces of steak, chicken, and vegetables can be grilled with a smaller charcoal grill without any problems. If you are interested in cooking larger pieces of meat, such as whole pork ribs, you will need something with a larger surface.