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Smoker for barbecues

Hi! How is it hot? These days I am full of guards to be able to go on vacation, so the day that book, I take advantage of it to sleep that's why you will see me less here, but today taking advantage of my freedom I wanted to share with you the new invention that I have for My Weber® grill and smoker barbecue.

When I decided 6 years ago, I bought a barbecue, the truth is that I had many doubts about whether to do it with gas or coal. After reading and seeing opinions, we opted for gas, and I couldn't be happier.

Why gas? : The answer is easy, for its convenience of use. You turn it on, and it's ready to use. You do not need to be lighting coal or wood, or waiting for it to be prepared to cook, or emptying the debris later like all barbecues you have to clean them, I usually do it or at the end of the season or when I see that there is already fat accumulated by the type food that I have used and always use specific cleaning products so that my barbecue last longer. In summer or winter, the season does not matter, and we have to open the gas bottle that we take at the gas station and turn on the barbecue, in 2 minutes it is ready for use, and the best thing is that you can put it on a terrace because it barely makes smoke, but if you want that smoky touch of wood in your recipes, there are options

checken bbq grills and smokers

Do you know the barbecue grill and smokers ?

To start, you need to have a smoker that is nothing more than a metal box with holes that you will have to fill with "wood chips that are not soft, or resinous such as pine, cedar, and aspen" or that "have received chemical treatments or exposed to chemical agents."


How are charcoal grill used?

Do not worry; they are not complicated to get; they sell them here, in Claudia & Julia. These boxes can be used above or below the grills; it depends on which barbecue you have because they serve both for gas and coal barbecues or directly on the coals in a wooden barbecue. These wood shavings are used wet; for this, you must previously immerse them in water for 20-30 minutes. Once the wood is wet, you put them in the smoker box-Without the water-, you turn on the barbecue to the fullest and let it warm until they start to smoke -and these if they burn, we have finished the four stinking: D-. When the wood begins to make its smoke effect, you can already put your meat, fish, grilled vegetables because everything is ready to start cooking. Ideally, cook with the lid closed so that the effect is more significant, but it can also be done with the grill without a cover.

charcoal made by wood

What types of wood can you use ?

My barbecue is Weber, so I usually buy the brand's products. They have a lot of wood chips for smoking that can be used both in gas barbecues and coal barbecues by placing the chips on the coals. Its wood for smoking is Apple and Cherry - recommended for fish, poultry, pork and vegetables, Pecan - fish, chicken, pork, lamb, cow, and ox -, the Hickory - for birds, pig and cow/ox-, and Mesquite - recommended for pork, lamb and cow/ox -, Whiskey - suitable for all foods - Beech for salmon, seafood and vegetables, etc.


And after smokers used ?

The first thing I have to say is that it works. It looks excellent on meats, and it gives me those odors back to childhood wood when the whole family moved to prepare sardines, rabbits, etc. Lake Castiñeiras, that was where we spent Sundays BBQ It is an invention after having been roasting a chicken, and when opening the box, there are only ashes left that are discarded when they are completely cold. Wash the metal box or smoker and it is already operational for the next barbecue.

I already want to use it. The next day I will put the chicken so simple and delicious that we are preparing.